Inevitably getting sucked back into Game of Thrones.

This is amazing!! <3 Even all the detail in his lacy shirt thing, it must have taken forever! Did you paint that Iron Throne in the bg too, or is it just like a manipulated photo or something? Because I seriously admire your attention to detail if you painted it from scratch!

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My Will Graham fabric from Spoonflower came!! Ahaha it actually exists now lolllll.

The print quality is actually really good compared to the original image, considering it’s fabric and not paper. I would recommend them! (Even if it’s kind of expensive! I can’t visualise measurements very well and I had no idea how much 2 yards was, but now that I have it, it doesn’t seem like that much for the price. Oh well I HAVE FABRIC WITH WILL GRAHAM’S DEPRESSING FACE ALL OVER IT)

I’m not sure if I should just use it as a tablecloth for cons or make something magnificent out of it~

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Anime North 2014 Artist Survey!


Like last year, we thought we’d kick off a fun 20 question survey for the artists at Anime North! This includes any artist or crafter selling stuff at the con. We’ve changed up some of the questions to keep it interesting :)

Tag your survey answers and other AN promo posts with:



What’s your (nick)name?


What do you love to draw/make?

I just love straight up drawing! (Digital art mainly)

Is there something in your work that you are known for? (e.g., a certain product, style, medium, common themes, etc.?)

Probably my not anime stuff haha. Mostly TV characters, Hannibal and Sherlock being my best-sellers.

What music do you like to listen to when creating? Suggest a song / album etc. for fellow artists to listen to while they make stuff!

I usually find some classical music compilations from YouTube. They help me concentrate. I like this 6-hours of Beethoven one, and all the “Best of *composer name*” ones in the related videos are good too.

Where can we find your work online?

My art tumblr- ultraviolins or my deviantart page- secondbreakfast.

Where can we find your work at Anime North? (e.g., Comic Market, Crafters Corner, Gallery Momiji, Pro Plaza, etc.)

Comic Market

Aside from Anime North, are you going to be at any other events this year?

Yep, if I can get tables at them! Fan Expo, Otakuthon, and perhaps Montreal Comicon.

Are you sharing your table with another artist? (If yes, who is it and do you have a link to their work?)

Yes, my amazingly generous, nice, talented friend is sharing her table with me. :D Corkyboard 

What does your table look like? (You can describe it, or even share a picture from previous years!)

Sort of like this but hopefully I’ll spice it up a bit before AN. :)

What are you going to be selling? (More links to your art/craft would be awesome!)

The usual, prints, buttons, keychains.

Do you have something new that you’ve never done or tried before? (e.g., a new product, a new display, something else?)

I’m hoping to make an art book this year, which I have never done before, not sure if it will be done by Anime North though!

Are you taking commissions? If yes, what kind and what are your prices?

Yes, but I haven’t decided on types and prices yet. ^n^;

Do you have any Adult work?

Not really, no.

Do you have any convention specials or discount stuff?

I might make grab bags for my older buttons I’m trying to get rid of.

Are you open to art trades?

Absolutely! It’s one of my favourite parts of cons! <3

Do you have a cosplay, or any special “convention outfit” or gear that you plan on wearing?

No, my convention outfit is just maybe wearing jeans instead of sweatpants because I want to be classy. XD

What’s your favourite thing to eat at the Artist Alley? (any particular snacks / meals?)

I’m bad at packing con food because I can never find the right balance between healthy/filling/doesn’t need to be refrigerated or cooked. I usually bring some meal replacement bars/shakes, nuts like almonds, granola bars, and plenty of water or a refillable water bottle! Gotta stay hydrated! And of course you need to treat yourself to ice cream or a candy apple or something from the food trucks at some point!

What’s your favourite day of the convention, and why?

I like the first day because it’s all still exciting and it’s not too long. Gets the vibe going for the rest of the weekend!

If you could have any artist come to Anime North as a guest (e.g., mangaka, animator, etc.), whom would it be?

Even though I’m not too much into anime anymore, Miyazaki or CLAMP were my biggest idols when I was just starting with anime, so them. :3

What could someone say to you or ask you at your artist table that would make you really happy?

Anything positive or just sharing love for a fandom! I’m easy to please!

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I know nothing about Hannibal, but I feel like an “awww” should be coming out of my face

All you need to remember is that no matter how bad you have it, dog man here probably has it worse. Now you know like 80% of all there is to know about Hannibal. :)

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I put this in my necklace so someday, when I’ve forgotten all about it and I’m having a bad day, I’ll be playing around with it (because I always fiddle with stuff when I’m anxious), and it’ll open up and suddenly maybe life isn’t so bad anymore???

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Well shit, if great people are going to start following me I will never stop talking about Will Grahams butt.

Haha! It’s not required but I won’t stop you! <3

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I was wondering why this “t” on the top of my cups lid looked so familiar, its because its so similar to the tumblr icon. #ineedalife

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And I will be there doing an interpretive dance that will mean nothing but they will silently nod and golf clap at the

Yes, perfect! Early retirement, here we come!

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I laughed entirely too hard. I’m just imagining multiple drawings of Will’s butt in different outfits surrounded by different objects. Like one is encircled by dogs, another by Cannibal jokes typed in comic sans. shit.

Ahahahaha THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. It will be famous and get it’s own show in swanky art galleries where rich people will pay lots of money to come and eat cheese and drink wine while discussing the subtle yet deep metaphors portrayed through drawings of butts with comic sans scrawled across them.

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rude jokes. blood. tweed suits. deer heads. will graham’s butt. That’s all I’ve got for you.

They are good and helpful ideas but now I just want to do a whole book filled with Will’s butt. I think that would sell the best as well haha.

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Brainstorming for my Hannibal fanbook. I’ve currently got:

- Art

- Cannibal jokes

- Dogs


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OMG my ugly prints don’t belong with all those pretty ones. ;o; The new one is really nice!!


Well, I now will invent glow in the dark prints so you will be forced to look at them all the time and then have nightmares when you fall asleep. But since you will still see it whenever you open your eyes the nightmare will never end, so your only escape will be daydreaming about fishing. 

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